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Get Started Guide to using MBS for Fitness Facilities

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Get Started with MBS for Fitness Professionals

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Thailand Public Gym Scene

  Have you ever complained about not having the right equipment to get your workout done? Well, maybe you shouldn’t and just worry about getting the job done with the equipment provided(if any).  Here is a public gym in Thailand that always seams to be packed with eager body developers.  Who else would want to [...]

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Squat vs. Leg Press for Big Legs.

Lyle McDonald, of Body Recomposition answers one of the biggest questions a lot of Body Builders, Athletes and Gym Goers have about building size to their legs.  The squat may not be built for every body type, and so the Leg Press might be a better option.  Read Lyle’s article below, visit his site for the [...]

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Is it your shoulder? Quick Test

A quick test to analyze your shoulder mobility.  A short youtube video from our friends at MobilityWOD.

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