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Healthy Thanksgiving Eating Tips!

MyBodyStructure Presents Healthy Eating for Thanksgiving Day

It’s that wonderful time of the year again where we spend quality time with family, friends and food, food, food! A fun fact: the average plate shared at thanksgiving is anywhere between 1,600-3,000 calories — that’s above most people’s total caloric intake for an entire day.  I’m not saying to skip such a delicious meal that takes hours, some times days to prepare.  I want to just provide you with a couple tips to make this special time a little easier on your belly :)

1. Don’t skip breakfast–whatever the occasion, breakfast is still the most important meal of the day.  It will rev up your metabolism for the rest of the day and help you burn those thanksgiving calories a little more effectively.  If you know your gonna have a big dinner, compensate by eating a lite breakfast.  Yogurt with blueberries, bowl of serial, 2 eggs with a piece of whole wheat toast etc…

2.  Load up on veggies–most plates are absent of anything veggie unless covered in cheese or baked into a casserole. Try including a handful of green beans, a salad or substituting mashed potatoes for  mash sweet potatoes–this little delight is packed full of nutrients and lower in calories.  Sweet potatoes contain significantly higher amounts of calcium, iron, and vitamin E, and twice the protein per serving.

3.  Socialize at the dinner table– sharing conversation with loved ones will take your eyes off the dinner plate and slow down your eating time, allowing for better digestion.  Be sure to chew, chew, chew your food! Eating at a slower pace will allow your body to give proper warning signs when reaching fullness.

4. Practice portion control– why do we pile on the food like we haven’t eaten in 5 days.  Try using a smaller plate or filling up on the healthier foods first, and limiting the more sinful delectables.  This is where discipline is king.  Enjoy everything–just a little less of the unhealthier options. 

5. Wait at least an hour for dessert– more than likely you want dessert, but your already full.  Wait a little while and allow your food to digest before you have dessert.  Your body will thank you!

6. Make a second helping– but save it for the next day! There is no reason why you need to eat 4 plates worth of thanksgiving dinner.  Remember– we are trying to stay healthy! Enjoy another thanksgiving dinner the next day!

Stay consistent in your efforts to become a healthier person and Enjoy your ThanksGiving!! I am thankful for many things! are you?

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