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How to get More out of Your Personal Trainer

A Personal Trainer has many different roles as a fitness professional, whether it be providing consistent accountability, teaching proper mechanics, or just providing some much needed encouragement; it’s sometimes difficult for your Personal Trainer to know exactly what you are seeking from their services.  Here are a five pointers for you to get the most out of your fitness professional!    

Give Detailed Goals

Your Personal Trainer cannot read your mind nor will they completely understand your fitness goals unless you tell them. You must be specific and provide detailed goals.
I want to lose weight is not nearly detailed enough!
If you have a goal to lose weight, ask yourself some of these questions and try to formulate exactly what you are after.   No goal is too big!
How much weight do I really want to lose?  How many inches off my waist would I like to see gone? How long have I  been struggling with this weight?  What areas make me most self conscious?  Is this strictly cosmetic or are their underlying reasons why I want/need to lose weight?  Does my Blood Pressure also need to come down?  Do I want to become stronger?  Run a 5k?  Fit into a size 8 jeans?  and so on…
No matter your current health conditions or fitness goals, you must provide your Trainer with as much specificity as possible.
No one knows better than you; so share everything with your Personal Trainer.

Honest Relationship

You don’t have to be best friends with your Trainer, but it’s important that you try and create a relationship and be completely honest with your daily activities.
Your Trainer will not judge.  They need both the good and bad to be able to construct the best plan of attack.
Try sharing relevant information about your lifestyle. The more pieces of the puzzle they can put together, the better your fitness prescriptions and the better your results!
TIP: If you do not click with your trainer or find it hard to communicate, seek out another one! 

Ask Questions!

Don’t be afraid to ask questions!  The best thing you can obtain from your Personal Trainer is their knowledge.  Treat time spent with your Trainer as a college course.
Think about it…You meet a couple times a week and usually there is assigned homework, plus you’re paying money.
Take advantage of your time together and try to learn as much as possible.  Eventually there will be a time where your trainer isn’t there.
Start here…
What are the major macronutrients and how does my body use them best?
What is Circuit Training?
Can I eat before bed?
What exercises are best for my abdominals?
When is the best time to stretch?
Should I be taking supplements?
Ask anything! If your Trainer does not have an answer right there, they will do their best to find you an answer for next time.

Give Consistent Feedback about Your Exercise Routines

Let your Trainer know how sore you are, or if you don’t like a particular exercise.  Again, it’s your job to be vocal and let your trainer know what you like and dislike, or if you’re hurt from past exercises.   There are plenty of exercises out there and not all exercising should be torture :)
This doesn’t mean you get to skip out on all the really tough exercises; but if you really dislike a particular exercise, a good Trainer will be able to substitute another exercise or find one you dislike less.

Make Sure They’re Tracking Your Progress

An excellent Trainer will track the important information to ensure you are progressing and on track to reaching your goals.
Is your Trainer recording workouts, body measurements, food journals; and-or performing  regular check ups?   If not, just ask them to!
All Trainers are not created equal and each have their specific areas of expertise, so make sure to communicate with your trainer and let them know exactly what you want to accomplish.

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