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Fun Philosophy on Fitness

Have fun: We get way to caught up with six pack abs and the chiseled chest.  Stop worrying about how other people look and start focusing on you!  The goal is to become as healthy as possible and take advantage of how awesome our bodies can be if we take care of our selves, all the other stuff like a flat stomach, strong arms and sexy butt will come!

Motivation: Keeping yourself motivated is the key to staying on track and ultimately reaching your big goals.  Set small obtainable goals along the way and celebrate EVERY time you achieve one! example; run a mile under 10 minutes! Go eat some ice cream!

Balance: You don’t have to give up the pizza or ice cream, but you can’ t endulge when ever you want either! Becoming a fit person is all about living a balanced life with weekly workouts and physical activity, a proper balanced nutritional intake(cheats meals are a must) and a balanced focused mind! Treat yourself often but stick to the plan!

Forget the hype: Stop believing in these ridiculous claims! There is no magic pill or supplement out there that is going to instantly fix your problems. It takes hard work and consistency to achieve a healthy body. Life is NOT better through chemistry.  These are all false claims that successfully take your hard earned cash! Tell me! did that last one work?

LifeStyle: We must start making lifestyle changes EVERY DAY!  Examples would include substituting french fries with a vegetable platter, or parking in the back of the parking lot and moving a little more, or making sure to get all workouts in for the week! Consistency is the name of the game here, and if we start making smarter choices everyday its going to help us reach our ultimate goal of staying healthy and looking better!

Information Diet: Educate yourself and don’t listen to just any body! Make sure you are getting the right information that will help you reach your goals! Read books, watch videos, and ask a ton of questions!

Share: Once you have achieved a healthy lifestyle pass on the knowledge that you have learned on your journey! Help counteract the onslaught of misguided people who think a healthy physique comes in an expensive bottle! Our society is increasingly becoming more obese and it only takes one person to help another to change for the better and not just look for an instant fix!

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