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Nike got it right when they came up with the slogan “Just Do It”.  How many times have you found yourself  hitting the snooze at 5:30 am or hitting the couch after work instead of  just doing it, “it” being exercise.  Even the most enthusiastic exerciser has times when it is difficult to find the motivation to get to the gym.  The difference between achieving your goals and not achieving them is those who “Just Do It”, SUCEED.  But how do you get out of the door when your motivation is lacking?

The first step is to get your workout gear on.  Just like any routine once you get the sweats, t-shirt and athletic shoes on, you can then begin to mentally prepare yourself for a workout.  Still not motivated; just take the next step and get to the gym.  There you will find enthusiastic, like minded exercisers to help you get motivated.  A group fitness class is a good way to jump into exercise when you’re struggling to get started.  Let someone else take the lead.

Make sure that you are prepared, because to often people find themselves cutting the workout short or not fully committing if a solid plan is not in action.  The good thing is, we have made that step easy for you.  Browse our workouts or put together your very own with our extensive exercise archive, or ask one of our trainers for some pointers. BUT, the most important thing is to just get started!

Still can’t find the motivation to exercise?  Making an appointment with a personal trainer may be the best way to achieving your fitness goals.  A personal trainer holds you accountable and can provide motivation when you Just Don’t Want To.  Exercise is as important as brushing your teeth.  A lack of motivation is no excuse for letting your exercise slide.  Find out what motivates you and get to the gym.

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