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Squat vs. Leg Press for Big Legs.

Lyle McDonald, of Body Recomposition answers one of the biggest questions a lot of Body Builders, Athletes and Gym Goers have about building size to their legs.  The squat may not be built for every body type, and so the Leg Press might be a better option.  Read Lyle’s article below, visit his site for the [...]

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Is it your shoulder? Quick Test

A quick test to analyze your shoulder mobility.  A short youtube video from our friends at MobilityWOD.

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How Stress Affects the Body

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Summer Time! Get Outside and Workout…Here is a Good One!

It’s about that time where gym floors are starting to feel a little empty.  People are spending their time outside more, and would rather enjoy the beautiful sunny days rather than sweat on the treadmill.   We understand the need for Vitamin D, but that doesn’t mean you can skip out on your workouts.  Here [...]

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Exercise at the office! Average AMERICAN sits 11 hours a day!

How many of you spend most of your day sitting, whether its at your desk, on the couch or in the car?  The average American spends 11 hours a day, 5 days a week SITTING! Just think about an average day.  It may look something like this…Wake up, eat breakfast, drive to work, sit at [...]

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