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MyBodyStructure’s Tips to Avoid Knee Pain!

MyBodyStructure’s Tips to Avoid Knee Injuries! The knee is one of the most commonly injured joints and difficult to rehabilitate due to the fact that daily activities, such as sitting, standing, and walking all engage the knee.  Knee injuries and pain can result from an isolated trauma incident or from repetitive movements that put stress [...]

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One Degree of Success, Strive for Consistent Perfection

Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit.  At 211 degrees Fahrenheit you just have some very hot water.  Why does one degree make such a difference?  Before focusing on the difference the one-degree makes, lets discover the changes that occur during the process of 211 to 212 degrees. According to Cornell Center for Materials Research, “At [...]

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Diaphragmatic Breathing—Control Your Breath, Control Your Health

Most of us take breathing for granted—it’s constantly in the background of our body’s functioning, and we don’t notice it until we’re sick, anxious, or winded from exercise.  But understanding and consciously engaging with the breath can yield a multitude of benefits, both mental and physical. Our usual, unconscious breathing pattern is shallow, originating in [...]

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Exercise the Safe Way! Here are some Pointers!

If you are starting out on an exercise routine, the first thing that you want to be aware of is SAFETY! Exercising is so important but it can be very dangerous and damaging if it is done incorrectly. While exercising there are techniques that need to be followed in order to keep yourself safe and [...]

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Benefits of Strength Training for the Elderly

Strength training is beneficial for a multitude of reasons.  It can increase bone density, reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass, reduce risk of injury, and help the body to burn calories more efficiently.  Due to the fact that one out of every three women suffer from osteoporosis it is also particularly important that women [...]

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