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Summer Time! Get Outside and Workout…Here is a Good One!

It’s about that time where gym floors are starting to feel a little empty.  People are spending their time outside more, and would rather enjoy the beautiful sunny days rather than sweat on the treadmill.   We understand the need for Vitamin D, but that doesn’t mean you can skip out on your workouts.  Here [...]

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How to get More out of Your Personal Trainer

A Personal Trainer has many different roles as a fitness professional, whether it be providing consistent accountability, teaching proper mechanics, or just providing some much needed encouragement; it’s sometimes difficult for your Personal Trainer to know exactly what you are seeking from their services.  Here are a five pointers for you to get the most [...]

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How to Bulk on a Budget

Bulking on a Budget    Bulking requires a strong fitness training program, BUT more importantly an increased caloric intake.  It’s inevitable that you’re going to have to make a couple trips to the grocery store and load up on food.  So how do you go to the grocery store and not spend a fortune?  Well, [...]

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Fun Philosophy on Fitness

Have fun: We get way to caught up with six pack abs and the chiseled chest.  Stop worrying about how other people look and start focusing on you!  The goal is to become as healthy as possible and take advantage of how awesome our bodies can be if we take care of our selves, all the other stuff [...]

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Just Get Started!

Nike got it right when they came up with the slogan “Just Do It”.  How many times have you found yourself  hitting the snooze at 5:30 am or hitting the couch after work instead of  just doing it, “it” being exercise.  Even the most enthusiastic exerciser has times when it is difficult to find the [...]

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